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This is a tribute to a wonderful woman
gone March 7, 2005

(Psalm 13:3) 3 Do look [upon me]; answer me, O Jehovah my God. Do make my eyes shine, that I may not fall asleep in death,

till we meet again

Mom about 16 in Cedar

born August 18.1925 died March 7, 2005

Mom about 18 in Vancouver

Mom and her mom Hazel in Vancouver

mom in army in Ontario

Mom and gram MaryJane in Ottawa

Dad mom and Dad almost 50 years
boy I loved this shirt

Dad and I went to Ottawa 1967

Dad before he died 1994 October

Mom & Howies dog Bowsen

Mom & Howie after 50 year seperation

Our seeds are planted
What an Interesting garden,
we have planted our seeds.
Now the seeds have taken root,
and we will do our promised deeds.

Have we added the right fertilizer,
will we cultivate the soil.
Will we remove all the thorns,
or will we hide them as we toil.

Will we nourish our garden,
and keep it filled with love.
Or will we fill it with lust,
and poison our true love.

Will we value our covenant,
will our libido ever be lost.
Will our devotion to each other,
always be glorified.

Will our Sanctuary be delightful,
will our friends come with ease.
Will we always be compatible,
even when on bended knees.

Can our love outlast the voracity,
that is scattered everywhere.
Or will our hearts be doubtful,
and forget when it's time for prayer.

written and copyrighted
by Kate Lanning
Feb, 26, 2000

Thank you Kate

Wonderful Mothers poems and cards

"We only have One Mom, One Mommy,
One Mother in this World, One life.
Don't wait for the Tomorrow's
to tell Mom, you love her"
~Author Unknown~

"To the world you might just be one person,
but to one person you might just be the world."
~Author Unknown~

quotations from

Tribute to Dad not my Bible

for aunt Irene

Mom's best friend Aunt Irene died 1970

where I got these poems

For Mom because she was in pain the last year I saw this thought of her. From Helen's

I loved my Dad but so miss Mom but know we will meet again.  Just a note to say my mom was not a terribly religious person or not a Jehovah Witness like me but she was a God fearing woman who taught us right and wrong.  What I told Wolf was all the truth as I saw it.
If you have anything to say and wish on here please email me..

My on-line friend Wolf did this for me

Howie by the sea he loved


Amy mom's last best friend

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